There are statues behind improvised tends, graffiti who hides the beauty of the old houses architecture. Street vendors blocking the trees, the green gardens that must be for the people.
Walls, fences, bars, paintings, signs, grilles blocking that should be free for the human eyes.
Large bridges, freeways, highways, tunnels that obscure the sky, cover the sun, hide the buildings.
Burned old buildings that let us have just a glimpse of the sky, neither the stars, nor the majesty of a window.
Garbage that hide a graffiti that hide a wall. The loneliness of the oblivion to take care of our spaces.
Letters orphans of words, an "A" forgotten behind a sign, a "K" of a truncated kiss, with the last "S" of Solitude.
We can't see our places anymore. We live in Cities Under Siege

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